Elm City Tools, an Oetiker Company
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Made in the USA


Our modern, flexible production system and experienced team enable Elm City Tools to address a wide variety of serial production needs, from niche market to mass market retail.

Supply Chain Support

  • Strict supplier selection process to give peace of mind regarding quality.
    • Supply chain stability 
    • This can include stocking programs depending on volumes to meet required delivery dates.
    • Primarily domestically sourced components.
    • Wide variety of expertise including: progressive stamping, fine blanking, die casting, injection molding, metal injection molding, powder metal, cold forging, overmolding.

Low to high volume capacity

  • Multiple tool platforms available to accommodate customer requirements
  • Flexible assembly approach with adaptable production cells staffed by highly skilled workforce
  • Ability to customize solutions to meet various volume requirements

CNC Machining

  • Fine intricate cuts and precision parts for tools
  • Rapid response time for new products 


  • Flexible production cells; dedicated experienced workforce  


  • Packing with detailed specifications to meet customer needs
  • Packaged in secure moldings for point-of-sale customer needs