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Elm City Tools

Formerly Oetiker Tool Corp.

Elm City Tools is an industry leader in custom tool design and manufacturing, providing complete product development including design, prototyping, validation, and serial production.

Our manufacturing and engineering facility just outside of New Haven, Connecticut, is equipped with a modern, flexible production system that enables us to address a wide range of customer demands, from niche market to mass market retail, as well as a robust private label program serving well-known customers in various markets.

Since our founding in 1870, we have been dedicated to delivering the highest quality Made in USA hand tools. Supported by a strong, stable domestic supply chain along with a dedicated, team-oriented and culturally diverse workforce, we look forward to building on our legacy of growth, quality, and innovation.

Our History

  1. Began operations as the Schollhorn & Tiesing Manufacturing Company. Main products were scissors and wood planers.
  2. 1890 image
    William Bernard patented the parallel action handle platform under Patent No. 427,220. The parallel action design at the turn of the century revolutionized the plier industry. Variations of this plier, manufactured by Sargent, can still be found in sportsman catalogs.
  3. The company was incorporated as the William Schollhorn Company on September 8, 1891.
  4. 1892 image
    The Wm. Schollhorn Co. began work with William Bernard and Patent Number 479,113 application was granted. William Bernard worked for the Schollhorn as an engineer and salesman for many years.
  5. 1917 image
    Bernard pliers became standard issue to U.S. infantry soldiers as the U.S. enters World War I.
  6. 1935 image
    Moved to Chapel Street, New Haven, CT, manufacturing a complete line of pruning shears, specialty tools, punches, pliers, carpenter planes and leather craft tools.
  7. 1948 image
    Sargent Manufacturing Company acquired Wm. Schollhorn Co.
  8. 1950 image
    Sargent released their line of HERCULES Golden Cutter Planes, a direct competitor to the Stanley DEFIANCE brand.
  9. 1960 image
    Entry into the crimping technology market. The original Sargent designs remain the industry standard, the product by which all other crimp tools are judged.
  10. 1980 image
    Discontinued vintage product lines. Continued concentration on growth opportunities while revolutionizing the crimp technology in multiple markets.
  11. 1987 image
    Rostra Tool Company formed as the result of the purchase of the Hand Tool Division of Sargent Manufacturing. The entire operation, along with all employees of the original tool group were transferred to 30E Industrial Road in Branford, CT.
  12. 2014 image
    Rostra Tool Company was acquired by the Oetiker Group. The acquisition of Rostra strengthened Oetiker's tool capabilities and opened additional growth opportunities.
  13. 2022 image
    Oetiker Tool Corporation rebranded as Elm City Tools. As an Oetiker Company, the rebranding provides the autonomy to drive growth as a separate entity. This grants the opportunity of developing products in markets that were not a priority over the past decade.
  14. 2023 image
    Expansion plans include a move to a newly constructed modern facility allowing for the doubling of production capacity and additional staffing.


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